Asset Management Database Development

Our Asset Management System primary focus is in Cost Control, commencing with the setting of budgets for Maintenance of the Company’s assets in order to sustain  smooth operations and optimize  the  life span of each machinery or equipment

Our Asset Management System supports the maritime, oil and gas, remote/ local power plant and other related industries to effectively plan and execute maintenance strategy.

This is achieved with full cost control by the Company  and minimal downtime of machinery.

This in turn increases the overall lifespan of your  valuable assets while in compliance with current maritime law and industrial standards

Unexpected downtime is always costly for any organization which lead to lost time and revenue. Without a systematic maintenance approach, it is difficult for companies to monitor the life cycle and performance of their machinery or equipment. It is also hard to organize procurement of  spare parts and on time deliveries

Creating the database is the most crucial work in the development of the Asset Management System. It is not as many think it as just plain typing or data entry. , Careful planning is essential in regards to the contents of the Database. It will encompass the Company’s Policies and Procedure, workflow pertaining to the maintenance management of Assets.

The precise structured data will provide for the various functionality to the software:

    • Technical Specification
    • Planning
    • Budgeting
    • Procurement strategy
    • Maintenance & Repair strategy
    • Cost Control
    • Reports and Filing
    • Analysis


Database numbering codes are usually based on the industry’s best practice, eg. SFI Group System, Norsok Standards etc. However, it can be coded based on any legacy system

The coding is as such a function oriented classification system for subdivision of technical information of a vessel that will tie together the purchasing, maintenance, technical records and other functions.

Sample Database Structures

Our services will provide your Organization with a “Turn Key” solution for Asset Maintenance Management. The solution will be based on the Company’s objectives and Industry best practices that will enhance the reliability and reduction of costs.

Our Consultants have more than 15 years of experience in the PMS database projects, construction and implementation. The portfolio includes various vessels types from Tug boats, Bulk carrier, Oil & Chemical tankers, Gas carriers to Offshore Installations. You can be assured of a uniquely tailored solution for your valuable assets