Asset Management System Training

The primary objective of asset management system is to optimize equipment performance and maximized the lifespan, with minimum deterioration or unplanned outages.

Jakarta Marine Consultants provides a tailored preventive asset management program that incorporate maintenance strategies and schedules to that encompass the following scope:

  • Equipment reliability
  • Failure avoidance
  • Defect elimination
  • Least operating costs
  • Risk reduction with condition driven continual improvement
  • Maximum production

Hence, the Asset Management System Training course main focus is on:

  • Financial, Accounting, Procurement and Technical aspects of Planned Maintenance and the relationship
  • Maintenance strategies that ensure maximum up-time and productivity
  • Industry best practices that ensure minimum equipment failures
  • Effective techniques to implement a practical Preventive Maintenance program

Our Consultants will facilitate the training as Instructors and Mentors. Not only will they be providing guidance, techniques and insights to Maintenance but will foster a partnership with the attendees. Through this, Jakarta Maritime Consultants hopes to develop a mutual beneficial relationship