Docking and Repair Project Management Services

Jakarta Maritime Consultants is able to undertake supervision and management of the whole range of complex tasks associated with docking, repairs and conversions of any type of vessel.

For vessel conversions, repairs or upgrading work, Jakarta Maritime Consultants is able to offer full suite of engineering services. These can range from the provision of structural, mechanical, electrical specifications.

The design and drawing services for hull renewal, upgrading and ship conversion will provide the necessary documentations for the approval by Classification Societies or for Shipyard tenders.

Our scope, not limited to the following:

  • Pre-docking Inspection
    • On board inspection and assistance to collect, review and analyze defects list
    • Writing specifications, including steel work calculations and drawings
  • Procurement Strategy
    • Obtaining Quotations from Yards, Machinery/Equipment Makers, Vendors or Contractors
    • Shipyard, contractors and vendors evaluation
      • Cost Comparison
      • Yard, Contractors and Vendors Selection
      • Contract review
  • Initial and Final Budget proposal for Repair and Docking
  • Project Management
    • Docking repairs supervision with cost tracking and management in the following areas:
      • Hull Steel Renewal
      • Machinery Overhaul
      • Electrical Works
      • Coating/Paint
      • Procurement Supports (Monitor and Control Contractors availability and delivery of  material to meet the docking/repair timeline)
      • Cost tracking
      • Progress Reporting
  • Post Docking/Repair (At the completion of the docking process)
    • Cost Computation
    • Certificates checks
    • Assist Settlement of Bills
    • Final Docking/Repair Reports
  • Follow up
    • Warranty Administration
    • Guarantee Claims and records
    • Recuperate Spare Parts used

The Services items can be selected subject to the agreement